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The Chocolate Chip Cookies Series, Which Recipe Ranks as King?

The Chocolate Chip Cookies Series, Which Recipe Ranks as King?

The Chocolate Chip Cookies Series

There are a lot of chocolate chip cookie recipes out there. I was curious how many recipes would pop up on Google and oh my, I found more than 2 million recipes! That’s nuts, but what chocolate chip cookie recipe is the best? So many of them claim to be the BEST recipe, but has there been a comparison? Do we really know which ones ranks supreme?

Overall, I think most people are looking for a crispy outside with chewy inside type of chocolate chip cookie. But some people like bakery-style cookies, others like cakey cookies, even others like them soft and fluffy. So who am I to say that crisp outside, chewy insides are the definite best (even though those are my favs!)? To include everyone, I will be testing all of these types of cookies so everyone seeing this blog can find the perfect chocolate chip cookie that suits their personal preferences.

In the next few weeks, I will be discovering the answer to this by trying different chocolate chip cookie recipes from my favorite bakers and giving a thorough review on which chocolate chip cookie recipe is TRULY THE BEST. These recipes will all have their own spin on the chocolate chip cookie so we are going to get a real diverse assessment of the best of the best. To begin our quest for the best chocolate chip cookie, I am starting out with a recipe that everyone knows and loves – The Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie. So check out the post above this one for that recipe!

In the upcoming weeks, I will be testing Jacques Torres’, Bobby Flay’s Throw Down, Levain Bakery’s, Neiman Marcus’, New York Times’, King Arthur’s, Martha Stewart’s, and a few other more hidden jem recipes that include cream cheese or shortening to determine the #1 Chocolate Chip Cookie. My final recipe will be my own humble chocolate chip cookie recipe to see where my  home baker recipe ranks among these giants.

To prevent my own personal bias, I am having my family and friends do a blind tasting of all the chocolate chip cookies to see which one comes out on top. Obviously, I will be trying recipes that aren’t my own so I will be included links to the original recipes if any are interested. I will also be using the same basic ingredients in each recipe. So the same type of butter, sugars, flour, chocolate chips – all the same! Some recipes that I will be using call for bars of chocolate instead of chips, but for consistency sake, I am going to use the chips.

I’m pretty excited about this new series and I hope you are too. Leave a comment and let me know what you think about the best chocolate chip cookie! And definitely come back to see the next chocolate chip cookie that I try!

Below are all the recipes I’ve tried so far, give them a try for yourself!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Series #11: Brown Butter

Chocolate Chip Cookie Series #10: Pinch of Yum Soft Baked

Chocolate Chip Cookie Series #9: Momofuku Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow

Chocolate Chip Cookie Series #8: Double Baked

Chocolate Chip Cookie Series #7: Neiman Marcus

Chocolate Chip Cookie Series #6: The $250 Department Store Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie Series #5: Crisco’s Shortening

Chocolate Chip Cookie Series #4: Jacques Torres

Chocolate Chip Cookie Series #3: Levain Bakery

Chocolate Chip Series #2: Throwdown! With Bobby FlayBobby Flay's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookie Series #1: Tollhouse




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